Sunset in a Border Town

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There’s a bit of a story here.

I am on a layover in McAllen, Texas (KMFE).  I fully intended to hit the gym and work out. I put on my running shorts, shoes, and a t-shirt.  I then strolled downstairs.

For some reason, they have us in the second tower at this hotel.  This isn’t where I’ve stayed before when I had stayed here, but it is all suites.  I digress…

I was walking from the tower that has my room to the tower that contains the work out room and I was almost speechless as I saw the warm pinks and oranges reflected on the building. I then looked across the street and saw the sun setting over the horizon.

From the street, I couldn’t get the sun or many of the colors I was enjoying, so… I suddenly had an idea.

I did NOT have the camera, so first thing was run back to my room and grab the camera. I then ran to the other tower and ran up five flights of stairs.  From there,  ran down the hall toward the windows at the end of the hall.  By the time I had reached the window, the sun was almost out of view.  Thankfully, I still had time for a couple quick photos.

So, I did sort of work out. I ran up and down two flights of stairs to get to my room.  I then ran up six flights of stairs to try to find a window, only to find out that the fifth floor was the top floor with a window. I then ran down one more flight of stairs and enjoyed the view.



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