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On August 10, 2010, in Miscellaneous, by scott

Last weekend, in the midst of photo editing, playing some WoW, and listening to music while a group of us were sitting aound and finishing up some wedding planning for my brother-in-law and his fiance, my trusty old MacBook Pro decided it was tired. It let me know just how tired it was by freezing up while brightly flashing what can best be described as 8-bit, Nintendo style squares all over the display.

I initially thought I may have been demanding too much from my little work horse. Maybe I needed to power it down, let it cool a bit (the fans never shut off), and just maybe it would start playing nice again.

And it did… for about five minutes. That was the last five minutes the computer actually worked.

It is at this point I feel it necessary to briefly explain everything that has happened over the past week until this day. My brother-in-law’s wedding was on Saturday, rehearsal dinner on Friday, and this was Thursday night. I have been out of work for a week by this point thanks to a pulled groin. After a late UPS package was finally dropped off at our home, we loaded up the truck and went to Grand Haven for the weekend.

If you know me, you know that if I’m not chasing my kids around for flying an airplane, there will more than likely be a camera in my hands. It was while editing photos taken this particular evening that my computer decided to stop behaving.

The next day, the saga began. I phoned Apple bright and early. They confirmed I had Apple Care, confirmed they would try to help me, and ran me through a series of battery pulls, unpluggings, and attempted reboots.  All of the tech support yielded the sam result, which was the brilliant light show I was seeing the night before.

The nice person on the other end of the phone was very friendly as well as patient. She sat on the phone while I did everything she asked me to do on my end of the phone line then told me the next steps to get the computer working again.

That was where things got interesting.

She told me to bring my computer into an Apple store to get it serviced. Cool, bring it in, get it fixed, and that would be it!  The other option was to have her ship an empty box to my house, ship it to Apple, have it repaired, then wait for them to ship it back… which I figured would take longer. The little bit of information she failed to mention was that I needed an appointment at the ‘Genius Bar’ in order to drop off the computer at said store.

The wedding weekend had concluded and we headed home with a memory full to capacity with photos. On Monday morning, I was headed to work and came to the realization that my groin was hurting after an hour in the car and that it probably wouldn’t be feeling much better after five hours in an airplane. Doctor’s office was called, appointment set up, then sick call placed.

Our family doctor is still in Grand Rapids, so I thought I would stop by the Apple Store after everything was taken care of at the doctor’s office. Then the fun begins.

I walked into the Apple Store and told the greeter what my situation was. She very kindly directed me back toward the ‘Genius Bar.’ In front of the bar was the gentleman that checks people in for their appointments (which I didn’t have.)

I told him the situation, told him I have a case ID, and asked if I could drop the computer off with him. He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.

He told me that if I dropped off my computer the Geniuses would get to it after they got to everyone else’s computers and that would add about a week to the repair time. I then asked if it would be faster to have Apple do the ship the box to me method, and he said that would definitely take longer. His advice would be to either schedule an appointment (the earliest was three hours from that time) or drop it off. Either way he said it would be faster to “leave the computer at the store instead of shipping it to the repair center.”

Frustrated, I scheduled an appointment. Crystal and I then grabbed lunch and visited my mom.  While we were driving I called Apple Care and asked for a bit of clarification. The gentleman on the phone was once again extremely courteous and apologized that I wasn’t told about the appointment requirement at the Apple Store.

So here we are. Confused, frustrated, and thinking my computer will sit around the Apple Store for a week, which is still better than shipping it back for two weeks.

I met with the genius.  He took one look at my computer, read the case ID, looked at it, then packed it up and said (here’s the kicker),

“We don’t do these repairs in the store, we will ship it to the repair facility tonight.”

All I could do at that point was laugh.

Long story made short, I had my computer back two days later with a new logic board. (motherboard)


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