The Hunt

On December 4, 2011, in Miscellaneous, by scott

Deer season in Michigan is a rather long hunting season. Firearm deer season is a different story. November 15 – November er 30th.  Before and after that is the archery season and an equally short muzzleloader season.

Last year I was not lucky enough to take a deer. We still had plenty of venison in the freezer, but I was not able to contribute to that meat.  I did take a shot at a deer last year, but after hours of searching for the deer, we concluded that the shot was not on target and the deer was not fatally injured. Losing a deer is heartbreaking!

Sadly, this is not the first time this had happened.  A few years ago the same thing happened.  After that shot, we took my rifle to the range and found that the scope needed some re-adjusting.  Last year was no different.

To try to change things this year, I invested in some new glass… some Nikon glass.

After many shots, and a rather sore shoulder, we had the scope sighted in. The result was the deer I was fortunate enough to take this year dopper where he was standing when I pulled the trigger.

As you might be able to see, we were blessed with another successful season! My brother-in-law, grandfather-in-law, and I all had one hanging on the buck-pole.  Venison in the freezer is always a good thing!


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