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On June 3, 2014, in Family, Miscellaneous, by scott

As I near the age that my father was when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I find myself increasingly getting stressed out in the back of my mind over every little thing that is not what I would consider normal regarding my personal health. Cough, ache, vision going blurry… basically the normal course of aging.

A couple of weeks ago, after an amazing workout at The Institution, I came home and started massaging my neck. Something didn’t quite feel right. I felt this little bump, knot, or something strange that was moving under my skin.

Initially, I went to Google. It was at that point I remember why one should never consult the book of knowledge when it comes to health issues as all things health related on Google lead to cancer and death.

Long story short, I went through a course of antibiotics with no change and followed up with an ENT. I was told it is my normal and as long as things don’t change or hurt, things are ok.

It was the point between discovery and diagnosis that I think had a profound impact on me personally.

As of late, my patience hasn’t been its good old self. I have been correcting kids being kids more so than I would like.

After the wonderfully grim Google results, as well as reflecting on my life after my father became ill, I was reminded of the many amazing blessings God has given me. I have a wonderful wife, two amazing children, and more earthly things than anyone could ever ask for. My kids are energetically healthy, my wife is a successful teacher and scholar, and life is great!

It was at this point where I realized it’s time to let the kids be kids and let life happen. Life is MUCH more enjoyable when I’m able to watch the kids learn for themselves if something is not a great idea (as long as the lesson isn’t life threatening), and many more giggles happen through happy accidents.

Life is here. Life is now. Who we are is a result of our past experiences. As for today, I am going to sit outside and enjoy things as they come. If tomorrow doesn’t go as planned, that is ok. That is life. And life is worth living while you can.


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  1. I should also mention I have the greatest group of friends that anyone could ask for. Thank you to everyone who is and has been there for me/us through everything.

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