Scope Down! (A Watch Story)

On October 28, 2018, in Miscellaneous, by scott

Dive, Dive, Dive! Scope down!

I was feeling a little over connected… over notified, and over stimulated.

Every notification my phone received was sent to my watch, which resulted in me being distracted from whatever I was doing to read a (most of the time) irrelevant notification. I still find myself looking to my wrist if my phone makes a notification sound!

In a world of Garmin, Apple Watches, Android Wear devices, and Fit Bits, I started to notice in myself and others how often we would look at our wrists. Not to check the time… but to see if there was an important message on our phone that needed to be handled right then and there.

I longed for a simple watch. Something reliable, not too expensive, but something I could wear while working around the house/not at work. I have a Citizen Skyhawk I prefer to wear while working due to multiple time zone changes… and that watch allows me to quickly set local time as well as display the time at home.

After consulting a friend who collects watches, as well as many internet resources, I chose to order a new watch. What is it? No…it’s not a new mountain bike… nor is it even bike realted …

It is a Seiko skx007. A what?!? Yeah, that was me a couple weeks ago. Now, I am enjoying the beautiful simplicity that my new diver watch brings. No batteries. No charger. Just a simple and wonderful piece of engineering and time telling that doesn’t constantly vibrate my wrist to get my attention, track anything I do, or do anything but what it was designed to do… be a reliable way to let me know I am currently late for something.


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