Delicious Dilemma

On April 3, 2011, in Miscellaneous, by scott

It’s Here!, originally uploaded by vanwas.

Every year since living in Kalamazoo and discovering one of my favorite seasonal beers, I look forward to the end of March. This is when Bell’s releases Oberon, their tasty wheat brew that is only available though the summer in Michigan. (Florida is lucky and gets it year round)

The delicious dilemma? Simple bit of math and reality. Beer and weight management do not mix. Moderation is key, as it should always be with any form of alcohol. Instead of enjoying a tasty ‘bit of sunshine on my tongue’ (taken from an Oberon poster) frequently, I will reserve it to possibly once a week this summer or maybe even less frequently.

Oberon. Delicious. I guess it is now officially my favorite cheat food.


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