Friends With Glass

On April 5, 2011, in Photography, by scott

If one is might not be able to afford pro lenses, I think the next best thing might be having friends with glass.

This is TiTi (Short for Titania and pronounced Tie-Tie.) She is one of the two cats that roam our house and get terrorized by our kids. They make up members 5 and 6 of our family. Great cat, beautiful color, and a challenge to photograph still with her eyes open.

In preparing to take some engagement shots of some friends, another very good friend let me borrow some really nice glass. The lens: the Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L. An amazing piece of glass!

I can’t thank Glenn enough. Every time he lets me borrow that thing, I am amazed at the quality of images it helps me produce. The sharpness of the lens is mind-blowing, at least to me anyway, the beautiful bokeh it produces is dreamy, and the overall performance always leaves me wishing I owned my own copy of that piece of glass.

This photo of Titi was made when the sun was coming into our living room through our huge windows while she was about six feet away from me.

Someday, I am sure that in our house, a copy of this lens will be in our camera bag full time, but for now, I am blessed with friends that are willing to loan me some very nice glass.

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