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Not to brag, but I am married to the most amazing woman on the planet. One that puts up with (but not necessarily likes) my profession, being a single parent on days I’m working, and still loves me and want to spend time with me.

Knowing that there is a rock, a foundation back at home allows me to sleep at night. Taking care of the kids, working full time, and keeping the house in some form of order is no easy task. She is truly a superwoman. She is the love of my life. She is the glue that holds our family together. We love you! (all three of us)


As of late, Crystal has been grading into early hours of the morning. She is also having to get up early and drop our wonderful children off at daycare when I am at work. Top this off with a not so ideal transition between bid months and we have an overly tired mom/wife.

Through it all, she keeps the Tazlaarian humor I have known to love about her. She is more than willing to crack a joke and have a good laugh. Even during less than desirable discussions between the two of us, if one of our kids says something funny, or the opportunity presents itself, she will always jump on the opportunity to laugh and show that smile that I love.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell her that I love her and thank her for everything she does. I thank God every day for her and all she does for us, for me, for our kids, and for herself.

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A Small Upgrade

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Long story short…
Brendan is a climber. He climbs on anything and uses anything to pull himself up. Case in point: our 120+ pound Sony Wega.

Brendan Climbing

Brendan using the Wega as a handle to climb.

After seeing repeated attempts by our little guy to climb up higher and higher, and his refusal to acknowledge he understands the word “no!” I had reached a point where I started worrying. That television is not only heavy, but it is front heavy.

Our solution:

New TV

New Samsung LCD HDTV

A new LCD TV that weighs 40 pounds and can be tethered to the wall!

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