Ray’s Road Trip 2019

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There are days when people get together at certain places and the chemistry takes over resulting in magical things.

Fun. Smiles. And BIKES!  

A small group from Mid-Michigan took a road trip to Ray’s Indoor Bike Park in Cleveland, OH on a random Friday, and I had the privilege of being part of what I would consider one of those days.

This edit is about five minutes worth of video from over five hours or riding.

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During the beginning of this year I was running regularly, lifting weights regularly, and not even giving a second thought about what I was putting in my mouth (due to the fact that it was more than likely health and clean.) I was getting back into decent shape and able to post a great (to me) time in a 5k while working toward longer distance runs in the fall.

Something happened in July which totally altered the routine I had developed for myself. I pulled my groin. Suddenly, there was a pain every time I lifted my foot off of the floor. Even worse, the pain that I felt while lifting my foot from the floor to the rudder pedal while working was at the point where I was using my arms to lift my leg. End result, about 3 weeks off of work.

I don’t honestly know how I did it, but I can tell you that it is something I don’t wish on anyone. The pain is something that is indescribable for me. My son liked to bounce on my knee, no more. My daughter would want me to pick her up for a hug, I couldn’t. I wasn’t able to walk without a limp anywhere. I wasn’t able to run. I wasn’t able to lift. I could lift the weights, but I couldn’t carry the weights from the rack to the bench.

The doctor told me to take it easy and stay down. Can anyone with an almost two-year-old and a four-year-old tell me how this would be possible?

Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, and Vicodin. These all became friends along with trying to stay down and constant ice packs on my groin.

Long story short, it is now October and I still feel pain after certain activities. I am doing my best to not overdo anything. The running is starting to come back. The weights are becoming more of a regular thing. Now to fix the food.

One thing that happened while laid up was something I look at with a bit of disappointment. I was not very active at much more than eating… and I’m paying for that now.

This leads me to where I am today: trying to push through a bit of pain to build up what muscle may have been lost. I know I did lose a bit due to my favoring the leg when walking for almost two months.

Oddly, for some strange reason, mowing the lawn put me out for the rest of the evening… and NO, I’m not trying to get out of the chore.

I am searching for that routine that I was familiar with for the first six months of this year. Energy to keep up with the kids. Motivation to get out and run at early hours of the morning while one the road. And the habit of working out, even if mentally I didn’t feel like doing it that evening.

Developing the routine for success. It hasn’t been easy, but I am determined to get back to where I was. To the point of at least one belt notch smaller. To the point of being able to bounce my son on my knee or pick up my daughter for a hug. To the point of being healthy for my wife, my kids, and myself.

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Life Happens

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Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to go the way you had envisioned… or even remotely  your way?  Some days, life just seems to hand you a bag of that stuff that nobody wants. It is days like this that make us happier on the days when things happen differently.

Today was one of those days for me. It started early this morning and seemed to carry on through most of the day. I did manage to get a ride in on the recumbent while our son napped, but our daughter refuses to actually take a nap in her bed for me.  No nap means loud, hyper, and disobedient in the evening.

The diet was also thrown out the window. After dinner, we enjoyed a healthy helping of paczkis.  Tasty and not too healthy, but a once a year treat. I wasn’t about to say no to something that would probably give me cravings later in the week.

Persistence, not perfection. A bit of a motto I tend to follow (thank you Bill Phillips.) Tomorrow is a new day. Cheat meals have been consumed, but the workout still happened. Tomorrow is leg day and I plan on making the most of it. I’m also hoping to wake up with the sun shining (even if only theoretically) and remembering whatever hiccups life throws at me, I can handle it.

If you believe in God, you may know that He never gives you more than you can handle. Some days it feels like exercise. We get to where we think we can’t push or handle any more, then we drive onto that next level, making our bodies and minds respond and grow stronger.

I will wake up stronger tomorrow. I will let stress roll off of my back. I will enjoy the time I have with my family. Tomorrow is a new day and I will take the lessons I have learned from today and apply them to tomorrow and the days beyond.

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The Plank Kicks My Abs!

On February 13, 2010, in Miscellaneous, by scott

In my experience with fitness, I have learned a there are a few things that are true. If you diet or exercise, not both, you will receive less than half of the benefits than if you do both. If you don’t take yourself out of your comfort zone and push your body, it won’t adapt and you won’t grow. If you eat more than you burn, you won’t lose weight (depending on your goals, this might be ok.) But the one thing that has recently effected me has been if you do the same exercises, your body will eventually adapt and slow down on it’s growth or even stop growing. This phenomenon, as you may know, is known as a plateau.

To break through a plateau, one needs to perform different exercises, different ranges of motion, and make their body adapt to something new and different.  In the February 2010 edition of Muscle and Fitness there was an article that wrote about some tried and true techniques that have been around forever but people don’t seem to use anymore. One of the areas it spoke of was abs. Looking for some variety from sit-ups, crunches, reverse crunches, leg raises, hanging leg raises, and V-ups, I noticed something that looked (deceptively) simple called the Plank.  It looked simple enough. Lay down like I’m going to do a push up, then get up on my toes and elbows, and hold it for 60 seconds. Easy… until about 30 seconds into the exercise.

Discovering this simple, new to me, do anywhere ab workout excited me. I felt it the next day, it improved my posture, and made me dread doing it again. Effective. It made such an impression on me, that the next time I was home, I showed it to Crystal. It was then that I learned that it’s been around as a yoga pose for quite a while (and who knows how long before that, hence the type of article I was reading when I learned about the plank.) She then told me about holding the pose, then raising the same side arm and leg in the air. WOW, is that not an easy thing to do. With practice, this came to be what I do toward the end of the rep.

After many 30 second reps incorporated into my workout, I’ve been able to work up the time I can hold it. It is now the exercise I use to finish an ab workout.

Give it a try and let me know how you do. One thing is for certain with me, the plank kicks my abs.

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