Shenanigans at Anderson

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What’s in a number? 615 may not sound like anything to you, but to Crystal and me, 615 is the place we started our family.

Four and a half years ago, Crystal took a job at Waverly Schools in Lansing. I was flying for Expressjet Airlines and we made the move to Portland, Michigan. We found some apartments we liked, and our address was 615.

In our time at the apartment, Crystal earned tenure, I got hired at Continental Airlines, and we were blessed with two beautiful children.

Today, we finished the cleaning out of the apartment. As of midnight tonight, we no longer hold the lease on 615.

Here is our home for the past four years. Here is where we grew into the family we are today. Here is where we went from a young couple to a young family.

615 will always provide us with wonderful memories.

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Michigan is HOT!

On June 11, 2008, in Family, by scott

Summer is almost officially here.  It was around 90 degrees for a while this afternoon (so the car said).  

Crystal’s been feeling our little boy dancing and doing back flips!  Earlier this morning, when Gabby put her head on Crystal’s belly, she said the baby was very active.  Gabby’s going to make such a wonderful big sister.

Scott’s back at work until Father’s day.  Wishing he was home.  

Hope everyone’s enjoying their summer so far!

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